Elann Credit Vouchers
$2.50 USD credit vouchers are earned when you purchase subscriptions or non-discounted (regular retail price) books. They are designed to refund you $2.50 USD off every $25.00 USD of yarn purchased, and they can be applied to your yarn purchases at the checkout the next time you order (i.e. the order which follows the order that puts the vouchers on file).

Provided you always register accessing the same customer file, our database will automatically keep track of your credit vouchers. Be sure you always register as an "Returning Customer", and that you use the same password each time you register. If you experience difficulties accessing your customer file, please don't create a new one; use "Password Help," or email us for assistance.

Please note that because the current elann.com website will close at midnight on November 15th, 2014, because elann.com is moving exclusively to order fulfillment by Amazon, credit vouchers not used by midnight on November 15th, 2014 will expire.